Implementation of curved dune geometries

Suggests: dune-localfunctions dune-grid dune-vtk
Maintainer: Simon Praetorius
Git repository:


This module provides three implementations of curved geometries, CurvedGeometry, ParametrizedGeometry, and LocalFunctionGeometry either parametrized with a local finite-element cache, the local finite-element directly, or a local-function following the dune-functions interface.

Example of usage

Parametrization of the unit-sphere surface grid with elements of geometry order 3.

#include <dune/curvedgeometry/parametrizedgeometry.hh>
#include <dune/localfunctions/lagrange.hh>

int main() {
  // construct a reference grid
  Grid grid{...};

  for (const auto& e : elements(grid.leafGridView()))
    // sphere projection from local to global coordinates
    auto X = [geo=e.geometry()](const auto& local)
      auto x = geo.global(local);
      return x / x.two_norm();

    // create a local finite-element
    using LFE = LagrangeLocalFiniteElement<EquidistantPointSet, Grid::dimension, double, double>;
    LFE localFE{e.type(), /* order= */ 3};

    // create a curved geometry
    ParametrizedGeometry geometry{referenceElement(e), localFE, X};
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