Discretization Modules

Dune has a modular structure and it is possible to write your own discretization schemes based directly on the core modules. But there are also a number of modules maintained by the DUNE developers which add different discretization methods to the Dune core modules.

List of Discretization Modules:

dune-fem (dune-fem)

A discretization module providing an implementation of mathematical abstractions to solve PDEs on parallel computers including local grid adaptivity, dynamic load balancing, and higher order discretization schemes.

dune-common dune-geometry dune-grid
Suggests: dune-alugrid dune-istl dune-localfunctions dune-spgrid
Python bindings:
Maintainer: The dune-fem team
Git repository:
DUNE-FEM tutorial
dune-fufem (dune-fufem)

The dune-fufem module is a discretization module that emphasizes easy-of-use over flexibility and performance.

dune-common dune-geometry dune-grid dune-istl dune-localfunctions dune-functions dune-matrix-vector
Maintainer: The dune-fufem team dune-fufem@lists.spline.inf.fu-berlin.de
Git repository:
dune-gdt (dune-gdt)

dune-gdt is a DUNE module which provides a generic discretization toolbox for grid-based numerical methods. It contains building blocks - like local operators, local evaluations, local assemblers - for discretization methods and suitable discrete function spaces.

dune-xt-common dune-xt-grid dune-xt-la dune-xt-functions dune-localfunctions
Maintainer: René Fritze, Tim Keil, Tobias Leibner, Felix Schindler
Git repository:
dune-pdelab (dune-pdelab)

A generalized discretization module for a wide range of discretization methods. It allows rapid prototyping for implementing discretizations and solvers for systems of PDEs based on DUNE.

dune-common dune-istl dune-localfunctions dune-geometry dune-grid dune-typetree dune-functions
Suggests: dune-alugrid dune-multidomaingrid
Git repository:
PDELab beginners guide, PDELab Tutorial
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