Recent Changes

Recent changes in Git master

Changes in DUNE 2.8

New minimal compiler and buildsystem version

  • C++ compiler supporting c++-17 language standard, e.g. clang >= 5, g++ >= 7
  • CMake >= 3.13

List of other changes

Changes in DUNE 2.7

Changes in DUNE 2.6


(The dependencies have not changes so far but are listed here for completeness.)

In order to build this version of DUNE you need at least the following software:

  • CMake 3.1 or newer
  • pkg-config
  • A standard compliant C++ compiler supporting C++14. We support GCC 5 or newer and Clang 3.8 or newer. We try to stay compatible to ICC 16.0 and newer but this is not tested.

Mailing lists move

The mailing lists moved into their own subdomain: from <list> to <list> This also affects most maintainer addresses.

List of other changes

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