Dune Core Modules (unstable)


namespace  Dune::GeometryTypes
 Predefined GeometryTypes for common geometries.


class  Dune::GeometryType
 Unique label for each type of entities that can occur in DUNE grids. More...


constexpr GeometryType Dune::GeometryTypes::simplex (unsigned int dim)
 Returns a GeometryType representing a simplex of dimension dim.
constexpr GeometryType Dune::GeometryTypes::cube (unsigned int dim)
 Returns a GeometryType representing a hypercube of dimension dim.
constexpr GeometryType Dune::GeometryTypes::none (unsigned int dim)
 Returns a GeometryType representing a singular of dimension dim.


constexpr GeometryType Dune::GeometryTypes::vertex = GeometryType(0,0,false)
 GeometryType representing a vertex.
constexpr GeometryType Dune::GeometryTypes::line = GeometryType(0,1,false)
 GeometryType representing a line.
constexpr GeometryType Dune::GeometryTypes::triangle = simplex(2)
 GeometryType representing a triangle.
constexpr GeometryType Dune::GeometryTypes::quadrilateral = cube(2)
 GeometryType representing a quadrilateral (a square).
constexpr GeometryType Dune::GeometryTypes::tetrahedron = simplex(3)
 GeometryType representing a tetrahedron.
constexpr GeometryType Dune::GeometryTypes::pyramid = GeometryType(0b0011,3,false)
 GeometryType representing a 3D pyramid.
constexpr GeometryType Dune::GeometryTypes::prism = GeometryType(0b0101,3,false)
 GeometryType representing a 3D prism.
constexpr GeometryType Dune::GeometryTypes::hexahedron = cube(3)
 GeometryType representing a hexahedron.

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