Dune Core Modules (unstable)


Collection of helper classes, type traits, etc. More...


 Filesystem Paths
 Utilities for filesystem path management.
 Range Utilities
 Utilities for reduction like operations on ranges.
 String Utilities
 Utility functions for std::string.
 Tuple Utilities
 Utility classes which can be used with std::tuple.
 Type Utilities
 Type traits, overload helpers, and other utilities for type computations.
 Hybrid Utilities
 Hybrid utility functions that work on homogeneous as well as heterogeneous containers.
 C++ utilities and backports
 Standard library features backported from newer C++ versions or technical specifications and DUNE-specific utilities.
 C++ concepts
 Concepts definitions and utilities to define requirements.


class  Dune::TupleVector< T >
 A class augmenting std::tuple by element access via operator[]. More...

Detailed Description

Collection of helper classes, type traits, etc.

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