Dune Core Modules (unstable)


file  operators.hh
 Define general, extensible interface for operators. The available implementation wraps a matrix.


class  Dune::NonoverlappingSchwarzOperator< M, X, Y, C >
 A nonoverlapping operator with communication object. More...
class  Dune::LinearOperator< X, Y >
 A linear operator. More...
class  Dune::AssembledLinearOperator< M, X, Y >
 A linear operator exporting itself in matrix form. More...
class  Dune::MatrixAdapter< M, X, Y >
 Adapter to turn a matrix into a linear operator. More...
class  Dune::OverlappingSchwarzOperator< M, X, Y, C >
 An overlapping Schwarz operator. More...

Detailed Description

The solvers in ISTL do not work on matrices directly. Instead we use an abstract operator concept. This allows for using matrix-free operators, i.e. operators that are not stored as matrices in any form. Thus our solver algorithms can easily be turned into matrix-free solvers just by plugging in matrix-free representations of linear operators and preconditioners.

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