Dune Core Modules (unstable)

Grid Concepts


concept  Dune::Concept::EntitySeed
 Model of an entity seed.
concept  Dune::Concept::EntityGeneral
 Model of a grid entity for any codimension.
concept  Dune::Concept::EntityExtended
 Model of a grid entity with extended requirements for codimension 0.
concept  Dune::Concept::Entity
 Model of a grid entity.
concept  Dune::Concept::EntityIterator
 Model of an entity iterator.
concept  Dune::Concept::Geometry
 Model of a geometry object.
concept  Dune::Concept::Grid
 Requirements for implementations of the Dune::Grid interface.
concept  Dune::Concept::GridView
 Model of a grid view.
concept  Dune::Concept::IndexSet
 Model of an index set.
concept  Dune::Concept::IdSet
 Model of an id set.
concept  Dune::Concept::Intersection
 Model of an intersection.
concept  Dune::Concept::IntersectionIterator
 Model of an intersection iterator.
concept  Dune::Concept::MessageBuffer
 Model of a message buffer.
This group gathers several concepts related to grids.
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