Installation of Dune from binary packages on Debian and Ubuntu systems

We assume that you are running a freshly installed Ubuntu 20.04 LTS with no additional packages installed yet.

Installing Dune core modules

To now install the precompiled main Dune packages run the following commands:

sudo apt install libdune-grid-dev
sudo apt install libdune-uggrid-dev
sudo apt install libdune-istl-dev

You need root access in order to execute this command. The sudo command will ask for your password and you need to be in the list of sudoers (which is automatically the case for the user who has been created when installing Ubuntu).

The command installs libraries and include files at appropriate places in the system. Since Dune is a software framework that allows you to write your own applications in C++ we also need some source code to compile.

Installing more Dune modules

There are a few more modules available in Debian based system, e.g. you can run the following to install the dune-pdelab and dune-functions package:

sudo apt install libdune-functions-dev
sudo apt install libdune-pdelab-dev

Further tools

Most likely you will want to also install the following packages to be able to build own code, visualize results and generate unstructured meshes

sudo apt install git
sudo apt install cmake
sudo apt install gmsh
sudo apt install paraview
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