Installing Binary and Python packages

User friendly installation of pre-compiled binary packages or Python packages of the main Dune components is described in the Getting started section.

Installation from source

Details on the installation from source.


In order to build your own DUNE module you need at least the following software:

Detailed information on supported compiler and CMake versions can be found in the release notes for releases and in the list recent changes for the development branch master. See also the FAQ section for information about how to resolve the build dependencies.

The following software is recommend but optional:

This will provide you with the core DUNE features.

Some DUNE modules might support further software. At the end of the configuration process of each dune module, a list of found, optional and required dependencies is listed.

External libraries

Apart from the immediate requirements there are various external libraries that you can use together with DUNE. These include grid managers, file format libraries, fast linear algebra packages and more.

On this page we list some information how to configure DUNE to find these packages.

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