Dune Developer Meeting 2023 in Dresden


The developer meeting is held on September 19th and 20th, 2023 at the Technische Universität Dresden.

The meeting is co-located with the Dune User Meeting 2023.


  • Simon Praetorius
  • Oliver Sander
  • Robert
  • Carsten
  • Christian Engwer
  • Santiago Ospina
  • Christoph Grüninger (only Wednesday, only remote)
  • Andreas Dedner (remote)
  • Markus Blatt
  • Antonella Rirtorto
  • Timo Koch

Video conference

The developer meeting will be streamed and allows online participation via BigBlueButton.

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Proposed topics

Please use the edit function to add your topics or write an email to the organizers.


  • CGü: Propose appointing Santiago Ospina De Los Rios ( Heidelberg University, IWR) as a Dune Core Developer
  • RK: Developers (old and new) and future management structure!
  • RK: Stability of the gitlab infrastructure. How can we help to improve it?
  • CGü: I’d like to see an hour of cleaning up. Together we scan (one or two of)
    • merge requests
    • bugs
    • the remaining open FlySpray tasks
    • Git branches and decide which can be closed / deleted right away and which to keep.
  • CGrü: Release 2.9.1 is blocked by two topics, I did not receive too much feedback or support.
  • AD: 2.9.2 release and new release paper


  • OS: Simon and Santiago have invested a lot of time thinking about improvements to the build system. Can we decide on a way forward? Can some of the work be merged?
  • SO: MPIHelper dune-common:1274
    • RK: What about MPI_Comm_dup while we are at it?
  • SO: Add a fixed-size multi index: Dune::TypeTree::HybridTreePath -> Dune::HybridMultiIndex.
  • SO: What is a Matrix? dune-common:#253
  • CGü: Who is interested in SIMD (Vc-devel)? It is currently broken in master and releases/2.9, blocking the 2.9.1 release and std::simd is making further progress.
  • CGr: Get rid of greedy generic implementations (operator<< and FieldTraits).


  • AM: GeometryType::none default to simplex behaviour. Is this on purpose? dune-grid!32

  • AM: Higher order derivative information and transformation


  • VirtualGrid (aka PolymorphicGrid) (roadmap?) dune-grid:661
  • OS: Can PolymorphicGrid simplify the Python bindings?
  • OS: Can we get dune-gmsh into dune-grid?
  • OS: Can we get dune-vtk into dune-grid?



Discretization modules (FEM, PDELab, …)

Python support

  • OS: What is the current state of the Python bindings?
  • OS: Can we get some/better documentation about how to write bindings for you own code? (For example, dune-functions bases?)
  • OS: Are Julia bindings conceivable?`


  • RK: To twist or not to twist? I would like to hear opinions dune-alugrid:89
  • AD: Perhaps we should consider if we have ideas for GSoC this time.


  1. Vote on Santiago Ospina De Los Rios ( Heidelberg University, IWR) becoming a Dune Core Developer
    9 yes, 0 no, 0 abstentions
  2. Infrastructure
    • Jö is still maintaining the mailinglist server. Can we transfer this? -> Markus offers to take over maintainance
    • gitlab is now fully running in Dresden. Ansgar is part-time taking care.
    • some runners are broken, see Issue ???
  3. Cleanup MPIHelper
    • dune-common:1274
    • Should we use MPI_Comm_dup? -> transition code that can be enabled/disabled
    • MPI_Comm_dup should be fixed along the semantic interposition problem (different instances of the object in different ocmpilation units).
  4. SIMD interface to Vc
    • latest Vc versions don’t work with Dune anymore (see core/dune-common#350).
    • first we should check which Vc versions work with the old interface
    • second we should add interfaces to the new versions
    • potentially bump the requirements or even suppport both versions
    • Christian will take care of this.
  5. Santiago will prepare a proposal for a HybridMultiIndex.
  6. Cleanup CMake
    • no body is using ${ProjectName}-config.cmake.in directly, so Santiago and Simon are free to change that part.
  7. VirtualGrid … Roadmap?
    • Naming? yes: PolymorphicGrid
    • Communication doesn’t yet work fully. -> to be checked
    • A couple of optimizations are proposed. -> postpone
    • Should this be merged into dune-grid (in namespace Dune::experimental), in particular as Samuel left? -> not yet, leave the MR open
  8. Can we merge dune-gmsh4 and dune-vtk into dune-grid?
    • we start with a small change in dune-grid to suggest dune-gmsh4 and potentially forward when reading gmsh4 files.
    • there is common interest to merge gmsh4 on the longer run and we are willing to invest work.
    • go in multiple steps to (1) merge a “minimal” Gmsh4 reader with out higher order support (2) check where the grid factory interface needs to be extended (3) merge/update the remaining higher order stuff…
  9. See issue core/dune-localfunctions#22
    • we must properly document the guarantees (add to the main dune-localfunctions documentation) (-> Santiago & Carsten)
    • shape function evaluations should be thread safe if the local functions objects are thread local
    • this implies that shared state between different instances is at least dangerous and must be handled with great care.
    • potential raise conditions due to shared state (e.g. std::shared_ptr in the monimial class of the generic finite elements) must be fixed. (-> Robert)
  10. Future development process / project management processes
    1. Santiago: The entrance level is quite high and the mailing list is not really used anymore. How can we lower the entrance level?
      • can we make gitlab more open? -> service desk? -> enable github,google,etc. login -> ?
      • can we offe some other communication platform? -> we will try a matrix channel (via the official matrix server).
      • we want to improve the “Getting involved” information.
    2. should we formalize certain processes, e.g.
      • how do I become a (core) developer?
      • which responsibilities come with core dev status?
      • when/how do people become alumni?
      • how are interface changes decided?
      • how do we decide on new feature?
      • -> a lot of discussion not written down.
  11. How is the general opinion on Julia bindings? WIAS is considering building upon DUNE for their Julia PDE solvers -> we welcome contributions, at least initially as a dune-julia module/repository.
  12. Can we decide a way forward for drop or simplify pip & venv magic during configure (dune-common:330)?
    During CMake python packages are installed implicitly from the web, this is dangerous and inconvenient (e.g. DUNE does not build without internet access (dune-common:329)](https://gitlab.dune-project.org/core/dune-common/-/issues/329)).
    • get rid of automatic pip install; unclear what to do without it
    • Request to document the different ways to setup Python bindings / venv. With other words: How should one use dunecontrol to build core modules without breaking separated builds, if the automatic download of PIP packages is disabled.
  13. Improve CMake, we have two goals:
    1. Have working find_package(dune-grid) for Dune modules.
    2. Export pkg-config files for projects outside Dune.
    3. Dune superbuild support Steps:
    • Invers the way the config.h files are generated: do the generation in the module not downstream
    • This may have some implications and needs to be investigated in detail. Requires localization of #defines and find_package calls. Decisions:
    • Move detection of SuiteSparse and according config.h variable definition remain dune-common
    • Sandiago and Simon are preparing three pull requests and will notify the community when they are considered to be ready for merging
  14. General
    • MB: allow branch opm in core modules?
      • No objections
      • use rebase instead of merge to stay up-to-date with branch branched from
      • make opm branch protected in gitlab
    • AD: 2.9.2 release and new release paper
      • Timo and Simon discuss a release paper
      • maybe in the same journal as deal.II
  15. Dune-common:
    • CGr: Get rid of greedy generic implementations (operator<< and FieldTraits).
      1. operator<<
        • Use basic_ostream as first argument
        • Maybe remove/deprecate this operator<< completely. Carsten prepares a MR.
      2. FieldTraits
        • Not-specialized FieldTraits just forward the arguments.
        • Consensus that Field[Vector|Matrix] should not be parametrized with something not related to a “field”, but the precise definition of “field” is still open.
        • Try to add a deprecation warning for the default/fallback implementation of FieldTraits and inspect the outcode, maybe fix the cases where FieldVector is used in a strange way.
  16. Dune-geometry:
    • AM: GeometryType::none default to simplex behaviour. Is this on purpose?
      • using GeometryType::none in referenceElement() is UB
      • it is not a bug
    • AM: Higher order derivative information and transformation
      • what would be the return type of a second-derivative?
      • Alternative: method to apply the second derivative to a vector or matrix
      • we need a concrete proposal, e.g. a MR!
  17. Dune-grid:
    • OS: HierarchicalGrid vs Grid in python bindings
      • proposal: add method grid() in the gridView object in addition to the hierarchicalGrid() method, for consistency
      • This addition should not be a problem. MR or feature-request required.
  18. Dune-localfunctions:
    • MP: matrix-valued FE?
      • LocalBasisTraits? dim-range and range-type, why are there both?
      • Range-type does not need to be a FieldVector
      • dim-range could be the dimension of e.g. a FieldMatrix
      • Traits interface is actually not precisely defined and thus allows to use something else
      • Maybe update the tests
    • MP: Hermite-type / transformed FE. Where to put these?
      • Does not really fit into dune-localfunctions
      • Leave the implementation currently in dune-functions
  19. etc:
    • RK: twist-free grids
      • currently some issues with hex grids
      • there is a branch in alugrid but not yet merged
    • SP: periodic refinement in ALUGrid, Status? Roadmap?
      • RK: will try to look into it.
    • AD: Perhaps we should consider if we have ideas for GSoC this time.
      • Maybe helpful in juliy bindings development?
      • SO: use grid concepts to more easily implement a new grid wrapper (e.g. gmsh, petsc grids)
      • CG: would do the management again
      • about 2 month before the application deadline, we start collecting the project ideas.
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