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DUNE 2.5 - Release Notes



In order to build this version of DUNE you need at least the following software:

  • CMake 2.8.12 or newer
  • pkg-config
  • A standard compliant C++ compiler supporting C++11 and the C++14 feature set of GCC 4.9. We support GCC 4.9 or newer and Clang 3.8 or newer. We try to stay compatible to ICC 15.1 and newer but this is not tested.


  • Adding tests is now done using dune_add_test which can take care for adding includes and libraries, and setting properties.
  • If accepted by the compiler, we use the C++14 mode by passing the flag -std=c++14. In any case, we require that the compiler is in C++11 mode or we pass -std=c++11.
  • The buildsystem got a documentation. It is generated using Sphinx.
  • A new check for SuiteSparse was added which replaces the now deprecated check for UMFPack.
  • In-source builds automatically disable LaTeX. This facilitates the use of in-source builds, but we refuse to support anything beside out-of-source builds.
  • The arguments of dune_add_latex_document have changed, following upstream UseLATEX.cmake. Use FORCE_DVI instead of DEFAULT_SAFEPDF. The arguments FATHER doc and DEFAULT_PDF are no longer needed. All old parameters are deprecated and will be removed.

Deprecated and Removed Features

  • The Autotools buildsystem was removed.
  • Support for Boost was removed. You can copy the removed CMake files from Dune 2.4 and keep them within your module.
  • The testing magic was removed. To build the tests use the top-level target build_test. The target test which redirects to the command ctest is only used for executing the tests.


  • Dune::Exception is now derived from std::exception.
  • Added macros DUNE_NO_DEPRECATED_BEGIN and DUNE_NO_DEPRECATED_END which mark a block in which deprecation warnings are ignored. This can be useful for implementations of deprecated methods that call other deprecated methods or for testing deprecated methods in the test suite.
  • Dune::Std::apply provides the functionality of std::apply by either using the standard library or calling Dune’s own implementation.
  • The new header hybridutilities.hh contains various algorithmic primitives (ifElse(), equals(), size(), elementAt, forEach(), …) that can work on classic dynamic values and containers, as well as on static values encoded as integral_constant and statically sized heterogeneous container. This does for example include loops over std::tuple or an emulation of a static_if statement.
  • The traits class IntegerSequenceEntry computes the i-th entry of an std::integer_sequence. The integerSequenceEntry helper function does the same with a function syntax.
    This allows to avoid the high template instantiation depth of std::make_tuple when using the implementation std::get<index>(std::make_tuple(t...));.
  • The new class TupleVector is a multitype container without algebraic operations. It relates to Dune::MultiTypeBlockVector like std::vector relates to Dune::BlockVector.
  • The size() method of FieldVector is now static constexpr such that it can be used in static contexts.
  • MPIHelper only finalize MPI, if it called init. This allows the use of other libraries that initialize MPI themselves.

Deprecated and Removed Features

  • Support for MPI older then version 2.1 has been removed, it was marked as deprecated in Dune 2.4.
  • The macros DUNE_CONSTEXPR, DUNE_FINAL and DUNE_NOEXCEPT are deprecated and will be removed in the near future. Use C++’s constexpr, final and noexcept instead.
  • Removed own implementation of C++-14’ integer sequence. Removed Dune::Std::declval(). In both cases use C++’s capabilities instead.
  • The use of ForLoop, ForEachValue and ForEachValuePair is discouraged and will be deprecated, use the more generic Hybrid::forEach instead. Note, that ForLoop includes the end element, while Hybrid::forEach omits it.
  • Our own fallback implementations for std type traits have been deprecated as we now depend on C++11 compatible compilers and standard libraries that implement all these type traits. Additionally the deprecated class Dune::TypeTraits has been removed.


Deprecated and Removed Features

  • Removed ReferenceElement::checkInside<codim> because nobody used it.


  • The VTKSequenceWriter class has a new constructor that takes a VTKWriter object from the outside, rather than creating one internally. This has several advantages. In particular, it makes the SubsamplingVTKSequenceWriter class obsolete, because you can now use a VTKSequenceWriter with a SubsamplingVTKWriter instead.
  • We have forked upstream UG, and turned it into a genuine Dune module called dune-uggrid. The new code has already seen considerable cleanup, and nontrivial bugfixes. From now on, please install and use dune-uggrid instead of UG. The programmer interface of the UGGrid class remains unchanged.
  • The auto generated GRIDTYPE in config.h lead to problems with the cmake based buildsystem and forced too frequent rebuilds. The feature is now optional and must from now on be enabled manually by passing the following cmake variable -DDUNE_GRID_GRIDTYPE_SELECTOR=ON, otherwise no predefined grid types will be available since the default setting is OFF.

Deprecated and Removed Features

  • SGrid was removed, use YaspGrid instead.
  • ALUGrid was removed, use dune-ALUGrid instead.
  • Support for Grape was removed, use dune-grape instead.
  • Support for UG as a separate library was deprecated, use dune-uggrid instead. We will keep the UG bindings a little bit longer in master, but they won’t be part of Dune’s next release.
  • The values Geometry::dimension and Geometry::dimensionworld, deprecated in Dune 2.4, have been removed. Most likely they should be replaced by Geometry::mydimension and Geometry::coorddimension.
  • Intersection::codimension and Intersection::dimension are deprecated. The codimension is always 1, the dimension can be obtained from the grid or an element.
  • The GridView’s methods overlapSize(), ghostSize() and communicate() are deprecated and will be removed. Use the same methods from Grid instead.
  • The methods VTKWriter::addCellData and VTKWriter::addVertexData taking raw pointers to VTKFunction objects have been removed. Those methods had already been deprecated in dune-grid-2.4. Please hand over VTKFunction objects in std::shared_ptrs instead.
  • The two map methods of the MultipleCodimMultipleGeomType class have been removed. They were deprecated in 2.4 and have been replaced by new methods index and subIndex with the same signature. With these new names, the MultipleCodimMultipleGeomType interface is closer to the IndexSet interface.
  • vtkWriter no longer exports the type VTKFunctionPtr; use std::shared_ptr<const VTKFunction> instead.


  • The classes MultiTypeBlockVector and MultiTypeBlockMatrix have received a major overhaul. In particular, they don’t rely on boost::fusion anymore. Also, you can now use operator[] to access the individual entries.
  • The bindings to Pardiso have been updated. We switch from Fortran bindings to C ones.
  • Support for external linear solvers SuiteSparse’s LDL (Cholesky / LDL decomposition) and SPQR (Sparse QR factorization).
  • SuperLU 5 is supported.
  • Using writeVectorToMatlab, vectors can be written to files that can be read by GNU Octave and Matlab with new_vec = load('filename');. This is similar to writeMatrixToMatlab and resides in dune/istl/io.hh, too.

Deprecated and removed features

  • SuperLU versions prior to 4.0 are no longer supported.


  • The LocalBasis classes have gained a new method partial, which is used to compute partial derivatives of the shape functions. Previously, the method LocalBasis::evaluate existed for this purpose, but it had several shortcomings. The new method differs from the old one in that it uses text-book multi-index notation to specify which partial derivative to compute. This seemingly aesthetic change allows to fix several difficult technical problems. In particular, unlike evaluate, the partial method can be used through the virtual interface.
  • The local dual p1 finite element got a flag to switch between dual functions being bi-orthogonal on the element and being bi-orthogonal only on faces.
  • The Raviart-Thomas element local bases RT3Cube2DLocalBasis and RT4Cube2DLocalBasis can now calculate the Jacobian.

Deprecated and removed features

  • The class MonomLocalFiniteElement, deprecated in Dune 2.4, has been removed together with its header monom.hh.
  • The method LocalBasis::evaluate, previously used to compute shape functions derivatives of any order, has been deprecated. Use the new method LocalBasis::partial instead.


Known Bugs

  • The pseudo inverse used in the generic geometries might fail for nearly singular matrices. This is not really a problem unless the grid is nearly degenerate.
  • The parallel UGGrid may return wrong ids on very complex adaptively refined and load-balanced grids. The reason is that the Dune grid interface mandates that two entities on different levels have the same id if they are copies. Therefore the UGGrid id/subId methods look through the ancestry of a given entity to see if there are copies. However, UG does so-called vertical load-balancing, which means that the ancestry may be distributed across different processors. Since the current code does not take that into account, wrong ids will be returned in the presence of vertical load-balancing. This is a potentially severe issue, because users do not get error messages, only ids that are tacitly wrong.
  • Building shared libraries with CMake might break if you are using external static libraries compiled without support for position independent code (g++ -fpic).
  • Dune-istl does not work with METIS 5, see FS!1212.
  • It is possible that compilation of the tests in dune-common with gcc-4.9 and the options ‘-O3 -g’ does not terminate due to a gcc-4.9 bug. More information can be found in the corresponding issue.

A list of all bugs can be found in our issue tracker.

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