A step by step introduction to the DUNE-FEM discretization module.

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DUNE-FEM-HOWTO contains a step by step introduction to the DUNE-FEM module. It contains code on how to solve different types of partial differential equations on parallel computers with DUNE-FEM.

The first part of the tutorial shows in 5 steps how to solve a nonlinear elliptic problem - introducing the assembly of a linear elliptic operator and then how to use this together with a Newton type scheme to solve a nonlinear problem.

The code for the linear elliptic is extended to include local adaptivity based on a residual type estimate. Furthermore a DG type discretization is discussed.

In the next step the elliptic operator is used to solve a system of nonlinear reaction-diffusion equations.

The final tutorial covers the implementation of a finite-volume scheme for a system of nonlinear conservation laws.

Further section discuss the available linear solvers, I/O and thread parallelization.

The code can be a good starting point for your own project.


The documentation of DUNE-FEM-HOWTO 2.4 is genereated using Doxygen and it is also available as a PDF here.


The full repository is hosted on our GitLab instance. In order to use a stable release, please check out the corresponding branch.

The last DUNE-FEM-HOWTO stable releases are also available as tar balls:

Known issues

All the known issues of DUNE-FEM-HOWTO can be found on the online bug traker. Please use it to report any bug.


DUNE-FEM-HOWTO provides its own user mailing lists and a developer mailing lists.

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